First of all welcome and invited to the majority of dealers, customers businesses and individuals to become or to apply to join to become our partners, and on this to tell you about the case of the Startnet software.History

join the development of jingyue financial software which as one of the first batch commercialize financial software.We have accumulated nearly 20 years of professional experience in management software.Successful development of numerous software during at that time.Covering financial management, Invoicing, MRP systems, ERP system, OA system, CRM system, automatic control, government applications and other fields.Management software industry with the common experience of colleagues to the course of development.I believed that we feel the deepest impact on the entire industry are the two biggest turning points
The first transition began in 1996.Many management software migration platform from DOS to Windows platform.In this turning point,demand-driven is derived from the operating system upgrades.Some software companies to seize this opportunity,but also weeded out a large number of software companies can not adapt to changing.Many of them have already mastered the DOS application development technology, DOS operating system underlying technology.
The second transition began in 2003.With the expansion of business scale, customer demand quickly shift to a multi-branch management.For example,IT business opening new branches or headquarters in the offic building,store located in the city,a flourish place for doing business is very popular business model. Therefore, the architecture of enterprise management software on the Internet is gradually becoming the mainstream.This time turn, demand-driven is really from the customer, is also leading network software companies such as Startnet successful software companies.
Thus, in every turn, who can seize the opportunity, who will be eliminated, does not depend on business the mastery of existing technologies, utilization, but on whether a company can grasp, the use of the next mainstream Technology, of course, include the appropriate sales market, otherwise, we are in the industry, but also unworthy of the high-tech, high-risk call.

Competitive Advantage:
·With the first generation of financial software developer.Nearly 20 years of business management software development process.Among the domestic counterparts have unparalleled experience and accumulate experience.Wealth of experience in business management software development.Source of the product development to ensure the right direction.To ensure the technology continues to lead the software business maximum protection for sustainable development.
·Worked on a large number of enterprise management software, we can thorough understanding of enterprise management.what't more,we have accumulated experience and advanced management. NET remote technology, for users to develop a professional distribution (chain) management system.
·Counterparts in the first use of advanced Microsoft.NET development technology.In the remote access technology and Internet information technology.Our company has accumulated more than traditional software companies experience in the network application systems implementation, daily operations, maintenance and automatic updates.
·Company using Microsoft.NET developed technology.Has a strong technical force and stable development team.System architecture based on extensive global client base and a large number of software enterprises approved by Microsoft. NET Framework.It will make the product stability and make customers peace of mind.
·Implementation of staff experience. Not only can they better understanding of the needs of users,but also easy to communicate with customers.What't more,we can seek the best solution to ensure the smooth progress of project development.
·With a large number of distribution (chain) successful customer case. There is a huge customer base based security, and the extensive industry experience. Software implementation of the on-line customers to bring close to 100% success rate and reduce implementation risk.
·There are external software export sales experience.Wider region with a global distribution (Chain) Management System for success, while receiving the test group of foreign customers.Foreign customers can bring advanced management experience in the domestic customers.
·Development of large distribution chains have successful experience of the network.Demand higher requirements on the ability to handle the distribution of business processes to more long-term vision to help users.At the same time,we also have based on .NET Framework distributed server clustering technology, allowing users to fast business growth and no worries site expansion.

Startnet is the first software company to Microsoft.NET technology into the management software companies.We will continue to network distribution, chain management software to stay ahead of the field.Startnet software into a domestic distribution chain management software brands.Conform to the trend of the network economy.Take the software network, network software of the development line, dedicated to growth companies to provide total solutions.
We invite you to jointly develop new resources for the network economy!

Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.