Apparel industry
The system’s objective
The advanced Network Information Technology and Management System allow the enterprise to hold the update information of Logistics, Capital flow, Information flow. Apparel Chain Store Management Software can realize the entire enterprise management in a Integrated way. And the series of Management which range from order, purchase, store, delivery, sale to the cashier's balance of payments and finance can be coordinated and optimized. It will help to improve the enterprise's Monitoring capacity, free the capital flow, lower overall inventory. The working methods of coordination in the enterprise will be improved. And the cooperation between Headquarter and the branches, Suppliers, clients (consumer membership) and cooperation between the departments and staff will get completely improvement
1. The development status of the Apparel industry:
With the economic development, the government makes energetic efforts to the enterprise informative construction and the apparel enterprise informative shows good development momentum. Following China's entry into the WTO in particular, china will keep its rank of top apparel fabrics exporter , and the demand of apparel fabrics is growing fast in domestic .What the market brings to the Brand Apparel enterprises is the changing Global markets and more scorching competition. If the Brand Apparel enterprises wants to remain invincible ,the inferior price, high quality products, excellent service and altitudinal integration need to maintain, it means that the enterprise back-end suppliers, the front distribution channels and the clients are needed to be linked together, and a integrated distribution chain should be created. Managing this chain to realize the efficient operation of the market, a good supporting information platform must be provided.
2. Features and requirements:
1) Multi-distribution modes are supported, such as, Direct stores, Joining in stores and Filiale, Branch office ect.
2) It is needed to manage the Color, Size, season particularity, Producing areas , Fabrics, Gender, Pictures of the goods and Brand information.
3) Bar code project is complex, the practical and convenient bar code is what the Manufacturers needed. It allows the producers to code the goods themselves.
4) Unified membership management needs flexibility and humanity.
5) Flexible promotion plans and price management have to be created.
6) The demand of Goods transfer between the chain stores, and goods exchanging between the Branches and the Headquarter are a must.
7) The building of the slap-up chain Storefront image and the order& replacement of the large-scale chain need a powerful software system to support.
3. Our solutions:
1) Using the advanced remote technology, Apparel Chain Store Management Software which specially designed for the chain store can be installed anywhere the Internet reaches. All the data of the chain stores can be collected any minute and stored in one place. It will be more accurate, safe and reliable.
2)Chain Store Management Software not only allows the Headquarter to unify a price to all the branches, but also lets the branches to control the prices themselves. Unified price for all stores or different prices for different branches, different discounts for different stores are supported.
3) Distribution management: Branches can apply the replacement manually or automatically, and Headquarter will conduct the distribution, for those orders which can not be satisfied immediately, the distribution can be carried at once after the purchase is finished .All operations is linked together in one line.
4) The colors, size, bars code management and the series of inquiring, such as, Broken code inquiring, popular size for the membership, Brand, Producing areas, seasons, Gender are supported.
5) To the Clothing industry, user can just use one bar code to identify colors, sizes, and which will improve the gathering speed and users can define the coding plan if there is any special need.
6) Flexible operation modes are available. The functions which Chain Store Management Software provides, will make the promotion plans management, buy one give one free, special offer, discounts to different memberships more easier.
7)Most popular bar coded scanners, POS printers, money box, LED display screens, electric scale, IC card readers, magnetic card readers and other POS hardware devises are supported by the pos system.
8) Purchase vouchers, Cash, Bank cards, Credit cards are supported.
9) The special printed tickets for the clothing retail industry is also available.
10) Supporting diversified Clothing distribution channels management, the process: Contract--order--purchase & sale--in and out warehouse--return & exchange-- settlement is supported. The computer system will provide you the powerful business management support.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.