Electricity industry
The system’s objective
The advanced Network Information Technology and Management System allow the enterprise to hold the update information of Logistics, Capital flow, Information flow. Startnet Electricity industry Management Software can realize the entire enterprise management in a Integrated way. And the series of Management which range from order, purchase, store, delivery, sale, the cashier's balance of payments and finance can be coordinated and optimized .It will help to improve the enterprise's Monitoring capacity, free the capital flow, lower overall inventory. The working methods of coordination in the enterprise will be improved. And the cooperation between Headquarter and the branches, Suppliers, clients (consumer membership) and cooperation between the departments and staff will get completely improvement.
1. The industry's Features & demands
1) Electricity industry has a rapid growth in recent years. The more remarkable sale, the more stinging competition, so the profit is relatively low. Setting up many branches in the same city is popular.
2) Compare with the incompact connection, Close-knit operation method is more preferable to the Branch runners, so there are more Direct stores ,Fililes and Offices than the Joinning stores.
3) The Tracking management of the serial code needs to control the process of purchase, Stock, Replace and sale and every product's serial code management.
4) Prices can not be the same all the time, when the price needs to be adjusted between different dealers, price difference can be compensated according to the products' serial codes.
5)When it comes to the Promotion, Discount and the Clerk Performance evaluation are popular ,but the calculated methods are diversified and changing as the times goes by.
6) Some companies need Assemble or disassemble operation.
7) Generally, the sale & purchase discounts will change as the market operation moves.
2. Our solution:
1) Startnet Distribution.NET is designed for the Multi-branches enterprise management. In the Electricity industry, Startnet Electricity industry Management software meets the need of Cross-boundary operation.
2) Data can be transferred in any time, and all the branches and the Headquarter can share the information together, it have completely explained the "Distributive business, Concentrative management" mode.
3) The completely management of the serial code was provided. From the purchase sources, stock and sale flow, all the serial code can be followed by the Headquarter or the branches. After checking and setting the codes, products can be limited to sell in certain period.
4) Accounts receivable and accounts payable can be adjusted by using the Purchasing and Selling Price adjustment. To manage the profit and loss of the goods which have been sold, Startnet Distribution System will be helpful.
5) Flexible Stat. of sale performance are provided, data can export to the Excel and then make some adjustment before printed. That will make the clerk and Sales performance evaluation more convenient.
6) Special function to manage the cost of the assembly and disassembly is also supported.
7) During the sale discount and purchasing payment business, price difference compensation function will help to select the right Purchase and sale forms to fill.
8) Startet Electricity industry Management Software not only provided the special forms, including, the report form of stock serial code, compensation for the price difference form, Commission form for clerks, but also the professional chit printing format.
9) The serial code anti-fake inquiring function will help to ensure the consumer interests and improve the credit of the company.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.