Decorations Industry
The system’s objective
The advanced Network Information Technology and Management System allow the enterprise to hold the update information of Logistics, Capital flow, Information flow. Startnet Decorations Management Software can realize the entire enterprise management in a Integrated way. And the series of Management which range from order, purchase, store, delivery, sale, the cashier's balance of payments and finance can be coordinated and optimized .It will help to improve the enterprise's Monitoring capacity, free the capital flow, lower overall inventory. The working methods of coordination in the enterprise will be improved. And the cooperation between Headquarter and the branches, Suppliers, clients (consumer membership) and cooperation between the departments and staff will get completely improvement.
1. The industry's Features & demands
1) There are many chain stores which Cross-boundary operate .The industry has a rapid growth.
2) Direct stores and Joining stores is popular in the Decorations Industry.
3) Images which contained in goods information is needed to manage.
4) Perfect barcode management is requested. There are various article, some of them are needed to distinguish from each other by color.
5) The speed of decoration’s renovation is high. The large accumulation of products in a scale business enterprise will ask for Management System with advanced technology.
6) Hong Kong, Taiwan, and coastal are the source of distribution in decorations industry, they have more experience on Computerized, and they are using Excel file to resolve the issues of information updated quickly.
7) The content of business documents are too much because of numerous varieties products. So flexible operation on billing is needed.
8) China as one of the decoration producers in the world, Export and Transnational Business are common modes. The enterprises which have got their initial scales call for the management software with Multi-Language interface.
2. Our solution:
1) Startnet Distribution.NET is designed for the Multi-branches enterprise management. In the decorations industry, Startnet Decorations Management software meets the need of Cross-boundary operation.
2) Data can be transferred in any time, and all the branches and the Headquarter can share the information together, it have completely explained the "Distributive business, Concentrative management" mode. Off-line operation is supported by POS system to ensure conducting retail business continuously.
3) Property management of products’ images is supported. Viewing images is available while creating Purchase Check and Sales Invoice.
4) It provides barcode management, barcode export, barcode printing and barcode scanning.
5) Auto-delete function for those no longer use goods. It will help to less the cumulative data.
6) The perfect combination of Microsoft.NET and Microsoft Office .All charts can import/export to the Excel and then make some adjustment before printed.
7) Powerful management functions are provided. Including supplement application, auto-ordering, transmission, distribution, receiving, settlement, retails, Stock-taking and a series of functions.
8) Interior Distribution Management on Chain Joining stores was controlled by Headquarter.
9) According to features of Decorations Industry, we have improved the POS interface, achieved flexible operation and provided customized bill of document format which distinguish from the ticket printing ways of general industry.
10) It provides the Multi-Language interface. It is easy for foreign staffs to operate in conjunction with domestic.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.