Food industry
The system’s objective
The advanced Network Information Technology and Management System allow the enterprise to hold the update information of Logistics, Capital flow, Information flow. Startnet Food Management Software can realize the entire enterprise management in a Integrated way. And the series of Management which range from order, purchase, store, delivery, sale, the cashier's balance of payments and finance can be coordinated and optimized .It will help to improve the enterprise's Monitoring capacity, free the capital flow, lower overall inventory. The working methods of coordination in the enterprise will be improved. And the cooperation between Headquarter and the branches, Suppliers, clients (consumer membership) and cooperation between the departments and staff will get completely improvement.
1. The industry's Features & demands
1) Most chain shores are in one city or around the city, so the condition of network connection will be ideal.
2) There are many chain management methods, such as outlets, stores and so on. Some shops even have their own plant, but their production management has too many loopholes.
3) The concentrative and efficient information management which relies on networked computer is needed by the short expiration date foods. It will help to short the times of replenishment and distribution.
4) The food in bulk has a great need for the Electronic scale powerful function on operating, perfect Barcode Management, discounts which can be operated by Electronic scale and convenient way in data import/export.
5) The management for wholesale running up an account and settlement in POS system when carrying on Wholesaling in traditional festival days is needed by the food industry.
6) Many kinds of reserve cards and coupons are sold for promotion during festival days.
7) Management on batch and food expiry date is needed.
8) Flexible operation on billing is needed. There are varied ways for promotion such as promotion at a definite period.
9) There are many disassemble goods such as the bulk rice. The management on disassemble goods is needed.
10) The food industry is in need of Barcode Management in distribution and chain processes.
11) The food raw materials are needed to conduct quality inspection before entering warehouse. They will be given the acceptance only after checking and up to the grade.
2. Our solution:
1) Startnet Distribution.NET is designed for the Multi-branches enterprise management. In the food industry, Startnet Food Management software meets the need of Cross-boundary operation.
2) Data can be transferred in any time, and all the branches and the Headquarter can share the information together, it have completely explained the "Distributive business, Concentrative management" mode. Off-line operation is supported by POS system to ensure conducting retail business continuously.
3) The Centralized data management mode adopted by Headquarter and branch offices, so that the Headquarter can control the branches' original information, which including inventory, finance, purchase, sale, retail and distribution in any time.
4) The powerful functions on electronic scale operating, flexible barcode schemes are available. It also supports data of many types of electronic scale export/import.
5) Running up an account is supported by the pos system, then close an account by the Client.
6) Management on batch and food expiry date.
7) Many kinds of membership cards, reserve cards and coupons are supported.
8) It provides many flexible promotion plans .Discount by authority setting or discount by different promotion ways are available.
9) Barcode management, barcode export, barcode printing and barcode scanning are supported.
10) Management on goods disassembling.
11) Management of quality inspection for the food raw materials.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.