Multi-Branch management
1. Confusions and current situation of the Multi-branch management.
• The Headquarter's:
Using Faxes, Phones as communications media only can not be enough to manage the different cities' branches, for example, Management can not be carried out immediately, and it seems the branches are beyond the reach. And the risk of the bad dept can not be avoided in time if the consignment conducted by the branches in disorder.
• The Branches's:
The Inventory information can not be held by the braches. And the branches make a replenishment just to satisfy itself, in this case, it will lead to overstock and increase the whole chain stock cost.
•The Boss's:
The precise analyses data was not provided in time and important decision can not be reached in order to avoid the loss. How can a boss to manage the company successfully and what the company will be if this keep happening.
• The Financial officers':
Financial officers can not control all the account receivable and payable of the branches, which will make the whole enterprise under the finance risk. So many bill of document and data to be collected by hand and waiting for the faxes, phone etc. after the working hours if the data have to be cleaned up.
• Inventory management's:
Warehouse personnel did not know the consignment plan immediately, so the operation can not be carried out efficiently.
• The clerk's:
E-Business and Inventory information can not be reached by the clerks, the operation is lagged behind. Business receipts only be given by the financial manager or the Sales Assistant, the clerk can not control the clients' accounts receivable.
• The clients':
Is this a real chain store? If A store's member and Stored-value cards can not be used in B store. And the integral of B store can not be checked in the C store.
• The computer system's:
A management software has been installed in the headquarter and it seems working well ,but for the branches management there is nothing can do but just to scout afterward. Serious management holes may exist in the branches, for example, some practice fraud may be carried if the number of the bills of documents are not arranged according to the branches' number etc.. As the chain enlarging, the data can only be sent in different times, transfer system may let some sensitive data scattered in different places, and the whole enterprise's security is not guaranteed, while all the data need to be installed in the Headquater's server. Why all the phenomenon keep appearing and bothering? Cause this is a different world, and the new generation of management software which developed by the advanced network information technology is what your enterprise need. This new generation management software will cooperate with you to expand your management scale and meet the new change of this world.
2. The impendency of computer management for the Multi-branch enterprise.
It is more urgent for the Multi-branch enterprise using the computer to manage the enterprise than the traditional Single-crop framing enterprise. Network, computer and distribution management software are all needed, and business will not work out if lack of anyone of these. Under the traditional Single-crop framing, the governor uses the management software or not, that embodies the difference of charging up by computer or by handwork. And under the Multi-branch operation mode, using the software or not, that not only embodies the foregoing difference but also the Revolution of the Enterprise coordinated manners. The Internet enterprise management software helps the enterprise to reduce the cost and improve the working efficiency. And all the cooperation between the Headquarter & branches, enterprise & the distribution channels, enterprise & suppliers, enterprise & clients, department & department and clerks & clerks will be achieved.
3. Our solutions:
Distributive business, Concentrative management, Conformity of the resource, Cooperative working. According to different branches characteristics, a series of solution are provided as follow:
1) Based on the Internet communications system, the data can be transferred anytime, and all the branches and the Headquarter can share the data synchronously.
2) Considered the Headquarter and braches as the management unit, different from the traditional software design ideas which regarded the single company as the management unit, Startnet management software is designed for the Multi-branch enterprise management needs.
• The Business Process can be "user-defined" by the different branches.
• The serial Operation Receipts No. is easy to manage.
• The Independent accounting of Headquarter and branches and the Trading relations between the two are also easy to handle.
• The Accounting can be carried by each branch's warehouses, so that the Headquarter can view the whole stock, and conduct the distributions. And replacement between the branches also can be satisfied. This will help to lower the whole stock, and cut the transportation cost.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.