Supermarket management
The system’s objective
The advanced Network Information Technology and Management System allow the enterprise to hold the update information of Logistics, Capital flow, Information flow Chain Store Management Software can realize the entire enterprise management in a Integrated way. And the series of Management which range from order, purchase, store, delivery, sale to the cashier's balance of payments and finance can be coordinated and optimized. It will help to improve the enterprise's Monitoring capacity, free the capital flow, lower overall inventory. The working methods of coordination in the enterprise will be improved. And the cooperation between Headquarter and the branches, Suppliers, clients (consumer membership) and cooperation between the departments and staff will get completely improvement.
1. Status and problems of the Retail industry
The rapid growth speed of Retail industry is well known. In recent years, the speed is even faster than the GDP's speed in China, And the industry's many defects are also accompanying the economic development: Information can not be shared effectively when the flow was transferred from the final client terminal to The original supplier; the information is distorted. The requiring information is becoming more and more fluctuate, which leads to Production disorder .Inventory increase, Costs increase and Access block. Market chaos make the high risk existed during the marketing activities. The different distribution operations need different business flow, and the user needs to know what can meet your need after used the information technology.
2. Features and requirements of the industry:
1) As the rapid growth of this industry, The following operation modes become popular, namely, Opening more branches in the same city, or building a Cross-boundary office and to expand the joining stores.
2) Close-knit operation method is preferable to the Branch runners, Direct stores, franchise store, Offices and franchise store which under the offices’ control are in combination with distribution center. And the chain Store front image is unified.
3) Chain stores adopt the unified Member management mode.
4) Introducing the flexible Promotion Plan.
5) Different price in different stores.
6) Distribution and purchasing are all conducted by Headquarter which will reduce the stock cost.
3. Our solution:
1) Multi-distribution sale modes: Direct chain, Joinning in chain, Filiales, Office and distribution center etc.
2) The Centralized data management mode adopted by Headquarter and branch offices, so that the Headquarter can control the branches' original information, which including inventory, finance, purchase, sale, retail and distribution in any time.
3) The advanced remote technology can avoid the shortcomings of the early days' high input of the network .The data can be uploaded any time and will not be limited by the speed. If there is a power cut, the security all of the uploading and original data can be guaranteed.
4) All the prices of the branches can be controlled by the Headquarter or by the branch itself. This Retail & Wholesale Distribution System allows the user to setup a unified price for all the branches or different prices for different stores and different discounts for different stores.
5) The bar code will be created automatically in the Electronic Scale by the set up parameter and codes of the goods. The barcode reflects the information including goods quantity and amount.
6) Chain Store Management Software support most popular hardware devices, for example, Bar code scanners. POS printers, money box, LED display screens, electric scale, IC card readers, magnetic card readers and other POS hardware devises.
7) The security of the suppliers and the clients' information can be assured.
8) The flexible operation mode can also be realized, users not only can manage the Memberships, Promotion plan, buy one give one free and special offer etc.
9) Auto-supplementation, auto-distribution and auto-ordering can be achieved in line with each other; once the branches deliver the replacement bill , distribution will be carried out by the headquarter automatically. For those purchase order which can not be satisfied immediately, that order will be fulfilled automatically once the purchase which conducted by the Headquarter is finished.
10) Many computation units are supported: plenty kinds of computation units for single goods, different computation units for different bar codes, different computation units for different prices.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.